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From April 22 to 28, 2024
Araçoiaba da Serra, SP

We made a dream come true...
…and we kept dreaming

After Margot Anand’s unforgettable visit to Brazil in 2023, we are honored to announce the unprecedented realization in Brazil of the 1st Cycle of Love & Ecstasy Training (LET), an intensive course in Skydancing Tantra, an innovative methodology created, idealized and perfected by Margot throughout her career with practices and teachings that have the power to transform lives.

"Open your highway to Bliss."

Margot Anand



Open the door to a happier life and higher consciousness. Powerful practices that remind us how we are meant to live.

What is it?

This training covers the innovative methods and practices of Skydancing Tantra. Over the years, LET has established itself as a potent tool to heal and improve the way people relate, increase love for life, and cultivate meditation.

It represents the central core of Margot Anand’s teaching, which is also presented in her bestselling book The Art of Ecstasy.

A powerful process that delves into the depths of sacred sexuality and Tantra. Designed to create solid foundations, LET is not limited to teaching techniques that build intimacy and allow you to access states of ecstasy, but introduces habits capable of creating significant changes in your entire being.

Since its inception, thousands of people around the world have participated in LET and discovered new ways of relating, from a space of trust and healthy intimacy.

One of the most powerful, sincere and transformative personal experiences you can have!

LET allows to:

Forever transform your experience of love and sex, allowing you an opportunity to explore how your sexual energy can heal your body, open your heart and expand your spirit to states of profound unity and bliss.

The Body Ecstatic
& Sexual Healing

with Laurent Lacoste (FRA) & Deva Alaya (ITA)

The Retreat – LET 1st Cycle

A 7-day immersive experience that will be facilitated by Laurent Lacoste, director of the Skydancing International Institute together with Margot Anand and named one of her successors, and Deva Alaya, certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher. 

LET will help you relieve physical tensions, as well as emotional and psychological blocks that prevent you from loving your body and experiencing its sensuality and pleasure.

Based on scientific knowledge and previous experiences, the work uses proven and carefully organized tools to guide you towards a deepening of your relationship with yourself and others, through a new approach to sexuality.

LET begins by releasing the first two chakras (root and sacral), in order to help energy circulate throughout the body – the more we can release tensions rooted throughout our lives, the more we can relax and feel a sense of pleasure with our body.

Everyone will be free to honor their limits and will be respected in that. No one will be induced or forced to go beyond their conscious consent, at any time and in any of the practices that occur throughout the training.

Skydancing Tantra begins with you, as you are today, with the desire to know yourself better, to open your heart to the joy of love, but also to better understand and enjoy your sexuality, source of life and ecstasy.

During these 7 days, we will learn to:

  • Celebrate our energy with freshness and innocence.
  • Become aware that the source of pleasure is within ourselves.
  • Love and accept our body.
  • Move beyond resistance.
  • Explore the art of tantric massage and of gentle, respectful touch.
  • Create sacred healing rituals for the sexual areas of women and men.
  • Honor and expand masculine and feminine energies.
  • Explore the 3 keys to ecstasy: breath, movement and sound.

Used Tools:

  • Recent discoveries in sexology.
  • Meditation techniques.
  • Respect for the relationship – on a physical and emotional level.
  • Simple methods without special esoteric beliefs.
  • Tantric wisdom from various masters.
  • Dance, movement, massage and energy-building practices.
  • Breathing exercises, visualization, dialogue and creative psychodrama.
  • The confidence that everything in life can be discovered with joy!

For whom?

For everyone, from 18 years old onwards, single or accompanied, who wants to deepen their knowledge and tantric practices and live a more joyful life.

Accompanied participants may choose to work within their partnership and/or with others. Solo participants often work with other solos, but may also work with accompanied participants who invite them.

Any way you come, this training is an enlivening and nourishing experience that can enhance all areas of your life, including but not limited to your love life.

*Prerequisites: Previous experience in Tantra work – We will analyze the possibility of participation on a case-by-case basis.

This is not a professional training, but an individual path, a personal adventure during which people are exposed to our unique vision of Tantra.

Meet your teachers:

Laurent Lacoste (France)

Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher and Authorized LET Facilitator.
• Together with Laurence Heitzmann, he directs SkyDancing International alongside Margot Anand; both being named as her successors.

Laurent Lacoste runs “Love & Ecstasy Training” (LET) workshops in France, as well as SkyDancing Tantra Teachers’ Trainings programs in the US and Europe.

Tantra is his life path – having studied and perfected himself for over 20 years with different teachers and masters around the world.

Laurent represents a Tantra where techniques and practices contribute to the development of consciousness, our understanding and our knowledge, based on direct experience and transformation.

He offers one-on-one life coaching sessions according to Tantra principles, as well as Tantra workshops and courses with his partner Laurence Heitzmann. He is also a practitioner of Ayurveda in the areas of massage and nutrition, which, according to him, has broadened his view of Tantra and opened additional doors of understanding.

For him, through consciousness, one can embrace life in all its aspects to learn and fulfill oneself, to reinstall the state of silent joy which is the state of acceptance of what is.

Deva Alaya (Italy)

Certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher.

“I am constantly inspired and challenged by Osho; the Sufi Path of Love inflames my heart and Tantra has transformed my life.”

The celebration of life in all its aspects, pleasure and healing, sexuality and connection with the heart, meditation, recognition of the Divine within us and Eros as the gateway to spirituality are the essence of her work and commitment to her personal and professional life.

Deva Alaya joined Skydancing Tantra in 2012 and her professional trainings include: Skydancing® Tantra Teachers Training, Pelvic-Heart Integration®, Intimacy Education, Like a Pro – School of Consent, Tao Sexual Massage, Yoni Massage – Sexological Bodywork and Osho “No Mind Meditative Therapy”.

Furthermore, part of her background and trainings include: Love & Ecstasy Training – Skydancing® Tantra, Bioenergetics, Core-Energetics, Osho Meditations, Family Constellations – Bert Hellinger Institute, Breathing and Tantric Massage, Sexual Grounding Therapy, Postural Integration, Path of Love Retreat, Making Love Retreat, ISTA levels 1 and 2, Shadow Work, Laisser fair l’Amour Retreat, Tao for Women, Tao of Universal Healing, Tao of Orgasmic Pulse Training, among others.

She currently offers group courses and workshops, individual sessions and sessions for couples. Lives in Brussels, Belgium.

“What would life be like in a world without fear, judgment, and oppression? Tantra invites our full expressive self to come alive and break free of restrictive cultural limitations and psychological wounds.

What would it be like . . .
To express ourselves without editing.
To celebrate our sexuality without shame.
To authentically and vulnerability, feel our emotions, our joys exuberantly, and our sorrows unconditionally.

What would it be like to live each moment allowing our creativity to soar?
How would our relationship differ to be fully present and to relate full-heartedly?

This is the SkyDancing Tantra path.”

Ethical Standards:
  • Truthfulness: We accurately and honestly represent ourselves in our communications.
  • Neutrality: We strive to remain neutral when working with students.
  • Humility: We serve less as teachers than as facilitators of learning.
  • Individuality & Respect: We treat our students with respect. We remind our students of their freedom to choose at any time the level at which they participate, if at all, in any activity proposed to them. 

  • Competency: We continue our personal and professional development. Acknowledging the limitations of our expertise, we refer students whose needs can be better met elsewhere.
  • Privacy: We do not share the identity of or personal information about our students.
  • Responsible Relationship: We do not engage in romantic or sexual relationships with our students.
  • Financial Integrity: We clearly indicate the prices for our services, our payment terms and cancellation policy.

Get to know the venue: CEE

A place designed to encourage personal development.

The perfect refuge to escape the chaos, spend peaceful and comfortable days, sleep with the sounds of nature, dive into yourself, eat nutritious meals and be treated with enormous affection and attention.


  • Complete vegetarian food.
  • 22 chalets (individual and shared).
  • Pool.
  • Wi-fi.
  • 220m².Air-conditioned group room.
  • Beautiful nature.


É necessário o pagamento de um depósito de R$ XXX por pessoa para se registrar. O pagamento do saldo completo deverá ser feito com 30 dias de antecedência.

O pagamento integral é devido para inscrições com menos de 30 dias antes da data de início.

Embora os pagamentos não sejam reembolsáveis, se você cancelar sua inscrição com mais de 30 dias de antecedência, teremos prazer em emitir um voucher de crédito no valor total pago.

Se cancelar a sua inscrição com mais de 15 dias de antecedência,
emitiremos um voucher de crédito de 50% do valor pago. Os vouchers de crédito são intransferíveis e válidos por um ano para eventos selecionados.

Assim que o pagamento da inscrição for recebido, você será solicitado a preencher um questionário on-line para determinar se este treinamento é adequado para você.

Para interessados com experiência com outros professores de Tantra de renome ou participantes no seminário com Margot, não haverá entrevista.

Para iniciantes, solicitaremos uma entrevista Zoom com um dos Professores.

Se sua inscrição for negada, iremos notificá-lo por e-mail e emitiremos um reembolso total (ou um voucher de crédito, se preferir, válido por um ano para eventos selecionados).

O Tantra é principalmente um caminho individual. Um caminho de liberdade. Você pode querer participar de um seminário em casal ou individualmente.

Todos ostrabalhos aprovados pelo SkyDancing Tantra oferecidos por nossos institutos são acessíveis a solteiros, casais e qualquer combinação de relacionamento.


Quando participam em casal, vocês sempre têm a liberdade de escolher se querem praticar com seu parceiro ou não. Os facilitadores de grupo são treinados para fornecer indicações e tempo para os parceiros tomarem uma decisão antes de cada prática.

Alguns dos nossos participantes parceiros sempre praticam juntos, alguns nunca se separam e alguns se separam de vez em quando depois de terem tido tempo para discutir e decidir juntos.

Escolher torna-se um exercício de consciência para cada um dos nossos participantes parceiros.

Não há nudez obrigatória. No entanto, em sessões onde a nudez é uma opção, aceitamos qualquer escolha que seja adequada para você. A consciência de seus limites, limitações e a participação plena e autêntica em cada momento é uma parte muito importante do SkyDancing Tantra.

Para algumas pessoas, escolher ficar nu pode ser uma experiência profundamente curativa e, para outras, escolher permanecer vestido pode ser uma escolha fortalecedora.

Não há atividade sexual explícita durante nossos retiros. O Tantra, por natureza, pode ser uma experiência muito sensual. Um exemplo disso seria colocar a mão no coração do parceiro, um contato visual prolongado ou uma massagem sensual; que não são sexuais por natureza, mas podem de fato se tornar bastante sensuais, quando realizados com atenção.

Você será convidado a participar de conversas e interações íntimas, todas projetadas para ajudar a desenvolver uma conexão amorosa com seu corpo, na medida que funcionar para você.

Nossos Treinamentos incluem a opção de contato mão-genital, se assim desejado pelos parceiros envolvidos. Nestes momentos, as práticas de “sexo seguro” serão rigorosamente observadas e obrigatórias para aqueles que não têm parceria fora do workshop.

Haverá uma meditação matinal e 2 a 3 sessões por dia.

Nos intervalos entre as sessões você terá tempo suficiente para desfrutar de uma refeição tranquila, um descanso, uma caminhada, piscina, natureza, silêncio e muito mais.

Esteja ciente de que a conclusão de qualquer um ou de todos os ciclos do Treinamento Love & Ecstasy não o qualifica para ensinar SkyDancing Tantra.

Nossos professores completam um extenso treinamento certificado para professores (CTT) de 2 anos e mais 1-2 anos de estudo e orientação para estarem preparados para ensinar SkyDancing Tantra.

É maravilhoso se você ama tanto os métodos que gostaria de compartilhá-los, mas respeite os direitos de licenciamento e a profundidade do treinamento necessário para ensinar.

Para maiores informações sobre como continuar o treinamento entre em contato conosco no email info@undobrasil.com.br

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at info@undobrasil.com.br or fill out the form below

SkyDancing Tantra® is a lineage of Tantra founded by Margot Anand thirty years ago. There are three institutes around the world – in the USA, Germany and France.

SkyDancing is the ancient metaphor for the ability to achieve ecstatic states. SkyDancing Tantra is the ability to integrate these ecstatic states into our sexuality and into our lives, so that love can be experienced as a flow, a joyful celebration, a healing meditation. SkyDancing Tantra® presents the Tantric paradigm through methods accessible to the Western culture and lifestyle.

In the SkyDancing Tantra® message, Margot Anand has integrated the ancient spirit of Tantra with the latest findings in clinical sexology, as well as the therapeutic methods of humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Her teachings are powerful, healing, and effective.

SkyDancing Tantra® teaches us to choose with awareness what brings us pleasure and joy, thus opening the door to a deeper connection with spirit and a greater sense of aliveness and well-being.

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Os princípios da Sexualidade Sagrada

Versão relançada em 2023 pela Editora UNDO, traduzida e revisada do título original, The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, lançado em 1989, considerado um livro histórico sobre a sexualidade humana, e tornou as até então desconhecidas técnicas sagradas de fazer amor do Oriente totalmente compreensíveis para os leitores ocidentais.

“Continuei a viajar pela Ásia, Europa e Estados Unidos, tal qual uma antropóloga, buscando sinais de alguma cultura esquecida, na qual o sexo e a espiritualidade se compatibilizassem. Conheci mestres fantásticos, xamãs, místicos e santos – entre homens e mulheres. Tive a sorte de receber a orientação pessoal de alguns deles na Europa, nos Estados Unidos e na Índia. No decorrer deste caminho de intensa busca, aprendi a unir a sexualidade, amor e meditação. Durante esse período, tive experiências profundas, que me mostraram como a meditação pode transformar-se num estado de êxtase comparável à experiência do orgasmo, independentemente do contexto sexual.

Gradativamente, fui incorporando muito do que havia aprendido ao conteúdo de meus próprios cursos, realizados na Europa e na Califórnia. A partir daí, criei um curso com a duração de um ano, o Treinamento para o Amor e o Êxtase, que tem o objetivo de guiar as pessoas, passo a passo, no caminho para o êxtase sexual, ajudando-as a incorporar a perspectiva tântrica a suas vidas diárias. Esse curso se divide em três períodos, de dez dias cada, realizados ao longo de um ano, nos quais os participantes se reúnem para aprender várias técnicas que podem reestruturar sua sexualidade e trazer mais alegria e prazer para suas vidas. Durante o tempo em que não há aula, eles praticam o que aprenderam, preparando-se, assim, para o próximo ciclo. Para muitas pessoas, em muitos países, esse curso representou o primeiro passo no caminho para a vivência pessoal e direta do êxtase no amor. Esse livro representa as práticas que ensino durante os três ciclos deste trabalho”.